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Welcome Back to Powder Coating

In July 2019, Industrial Finishing Services started up a powder-coating line in our Perham facility after nearly a decade absence from our service portfolio. It had come time to listen to the market and our customers; as a company we felt we could expand our portfolio and provide our world-class service once again.

Our converted liquid turned powder-coating line consists of a continuous floor-mount conveyor, impingement washer with dry-off oven, cross-draft powder booth and a convection cure oven with 12’ infrared gel zone. Our facility is self-sufficient, offering many testing capabilities, packaging options, assembly & kitting, and direct shipping.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that is applied to a pretreated substrate then baked to harden the finish. First the product is pretreated in our wash system using and iron phosphate cleaner converter. Next it goes through our blow off station and dry-off oven to ensure the parts are completely moisture free prior to applying the powder coat. The powder coat is then applied in our cross-draft paint booth using electrostatic paint guns. The negatively charged powder sticks to grounded product allowing the product to hold the powder until it is moved on to the curing process. During this curing process, the substrate is heated up to the appropriate temp as advised from the powder distributer, the powder then polymerizes and hardens to give a durable, long lasting finish.

There are several different kinds of finishes available from powder coat. You can choose anything from a dull finish to a high gloss finish, a full spectrum of colors including metallics, and anywhere from a smooth surface to a wrinkled or hammer tone texture.

What we have to offer

Over the last several months, IFS has built a strong team in our powder coating department who are eager to learn about new customers and processes in this industry. Our system is unique in the fact that the floor mount conveyor can hold up to 250 pounds on a single carrier. With no overhead chain system, quality is increased and the ability to accommodate an abundance of different sizes and shapes is an advantage for our system. We do not just stop with the coating process. Adjacent to our production line, we have developed several assembly stations that allow us to take your product from raw steel to a finished kit delivered to your customer. Using our network of suppliers, we can stock and manage subcomponents, provide custom packaging onsite, and drop ship anywhere across the country.

Please contact us today if you would like a quote or have any questions.

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