Power and Free Conveyorized Indexing Electrocoat System
Power and Free Conveyorized Indexing Electrocoat System
  • 5 Stage Iron Phosphate Pre-treat
  • Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat
  • 3 Stage Post Rinse
  • Manual Blow Off Station
  • 60′ Convection Curing Oven

A Quality Finish Every Time

For the past two decades, IFS has provided world-class coatings and enhancing the appearance and wear of products for industry leaders around the world. We know that a perfect finish adds to a customer’s sense of quality and value. You can trust that with our ISO certified process controls, your performance and cosmetic standards are achieved every time! Our specialized and experienced technicians work with advanced application technologies in ultraclean environments to give your product a perfect finish. At IFS, our focus is to make your work look great.

The Choice of Industry Leaders

IFS’ reputation for quality finishing has made us the choice of leaders in a variety of different markets. We provide top-tier coatings for Automotive and Heavy Truck, Power Sports, Agricultural and Construction, Military, and Consumer Applications. The companies we work with became leaders in their markets due to attention to detail and commitment to providing the best work for their customers. We here at IFS take pride in supporting their visions.