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Industrial Finishing Services began its journey in 1996 in the small town of New York Mills which is located in the heart of lakes country in central MN. At that time, we provided protective coatings for the agricultural and power sport markets.

IFS ventured into liquid paint in 1998 with the addition of a paint line in our NYM’s facility and expanded very quickly with the opening of our second location in Deer Creek, MN in 1999 and third in Perham, MN in 2000, which currently serves as our corporate headquarters. As the industries we serviced grew our Perham facility followed.

In 2005 we implemented a new liquid line serving the auto market and in 2014 Perham expanded to include a worldclass robotic paint line. IFS and its 150+ employees work hard to provide innovative solutions and quality processes that help achieve the visions of our customers.

Finishing solutions the smart way

IFS has spent two decades providing world-class coatings and enhancing the appearance and wear of products for industry leaders around the world. We know that a perfect finish adds to a customer’s sense of quality and value. You can trust that with our ISO certified process controls, your performance and cosmetic standards are achieved every time! Our specialized and experienced technicians work with advanced application technologies in ultraclean environments to give your product a perfect finish. At IFS, our focus is to make your work look great.

Manual Capabilities

Power and Free Manual Line

  • 4 Stage Washer with RO Rinse
  • Static and Manual Blow off and Convection Heady Dry-Off Oven
  • Five station Manual Spray Capabilities
  • Hot Pot and P-mix Fluid
  • 220′ Dual-Zone Convection Oven
Continuous Flow Manual Powder Line

  • 2 Stage Washer with RO Rinse
  • Static and Manual Blow off and Convection Heady Dry-Off Oven
  • Six station Manual Spray Capabilities
  • 140′ Dual-Zone Convection Oven
Indexing Manual Spray Liquid Paint Line

  • 3 Stage Washer with RO Rinse
  • 2 Manual Spray Stations
15′ x 24′ Side Draft Liquid Bath Booth

  • 8′ x 20′ Batch Curing Oven
15′ x 20′ Side Draft Powder Coat Batch Booth

  • 7′ x 15′ Batch Curing Oven
Sandblasting Capabilities
12′ x 24′ Down-Draft Liquid Batch Booth
14′ x 20′ Manual Pressure Washing Booth
Plural Component Proportioning System for Polyurea Application

  • (Rhino Lining)

Automated Capabilities

Continuous Flow Automated Line

  • 4 Stage Washer with RO/DI Rinse
  • Static and Manual Blow off and Convection Heady Dry-Off Oven
  • Six Fanuc P-250 Long Arm Robots with ITW Finishing Applications
  • Gear Pump Fluid Delivery System with integrated GUI Station
  • 300′ Dual-zone Convection Oven
Power and Free Conveyorized Indexing Electrocoat System:

  • 5 Stage Iron Phosphate Pre-treat
  • Cathodic Epoxy Electrocoat
  • 3 Stage Post Rinse
  • Manual Blow Off Station
  • 60′ Convection Curing Overn
Self-Contained Chain-on-Edge Automated Line

  • 2 Fanuc Paint Mate Robots
  • Gear Pump Fluid Delivery System with Integrated GUI Station
  • Single Zone Convection Line

Class A Liquid Paint

Whether you require a highly cosmetic or a highly durable finish, our Class A Liquid Paint line offers unlimited colors and performance options.


Powder Coating

Powder Coating is an extremely durable and weather-resistant finish that provides almost unlimited options for both color and texture.


This is a submersion process that can provide a stand alone corrosion resistant finish or can act as a primer to increase the longevity of the paint system as a whole.


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Perham - Corporate Headquarters

710 1st Street NE, Perham, MN 56573

P: 218.346.3975
F: 218.346.3976

New york mills

320 Aristotle Avenue
New York Mills, MN 56567

deer creek

410 Main Avenue East,
Deer Creek, MN 56527

ISO 9001:2015 certified

who we are

For the past 20 years, Industrial Finishing Services has been the industry leader in painting and protective finishing for businesses the world over. From protective finishing to highly cosmetic coatings, IFS is the answer for a quality job, every time.